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Whether is it for business or personal use, our Farsi translation services are the perfect fit for everyone: our professional Farsi translators are ready to take on any task, from English to Farsi translation for documents, websites and software localization to certified Farsi to English translation for immigration. Get in touch with us and you’ll enjoy receiving accurate, timely translations at fair prices.

Accurate translations for any needs

Scanning the internet for Farsi to English translations or the other way around and  prices knocked you down? You just landed at the right place: Universal Translation Services is an US based translation company which only delivers highly accurate translations at some of the lowest rates in the industry. All translations are full TEP (translation + editing + proofreading) and due to our effective project management we manage to deliver on-time services at low rates.

written translation

Written translation

Our translators remain as close to the original dialect, tone, style, context, accent, and pronunciation as possible. All our translations are accurate, and your message is clearly conveyed and localized to the target market as it would have been minded for them.

live chat support

Live support

We don’t only provide language services around the clock, we also provide customer support 24/7. Get in touch, and one of our highly trained project managers will pick up at any time, ready to answer all your questions or to give you a free quote.

interpreting services

Interpreting services

We also have professional interpreters to meet your verbal communication needs, breaking the language barriers and distances at the same time. They provide their services over the phone, and you can avail of their services in just a few, easy steps.

Farsi to English translation for immigration

Certified Farsi to English translation for immigration in the US

If you are immigrating to the US, you can always come to us and enjoy our certified Farsi to English translation services for your legal documents. You will get birth, marriage, and divorce certificate translation just as easy as you would have your diploma or your medical records translated. On top of being one of the cheapest services you may find, we also deliver in less than 24 hours and sport probably the lowest rates in the United States.

So if you want a certified Farsi to English translation for any document, Universal Translation Services should and must be your only choice. It’s because we adhere to all rules and standards imposed by the USCIS, and we don’t just limit ourselves to that; we put in an extra effort to set unprecedented standards for us and for our clients.

Legal translation calls for looking into various requirements and fulfilling certain formalities, with certification being one of them. At UTS, we offer certification giving a mirror image translation for legal documents. All certified translations will look exactly like the originals, only translated, and accompanied by our certificate of accuracy, which is exactly what USCIS expects from you. We will deliver in 24 hours or less. Please see our translation steps in order to know what to expect.

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English to Farsi translation

Are you a business looking for reliable services?

Our English to Farsi translation services have aided many businesses in their expansions to an international level, but also turned effective at localizing marketing efforts to a local market. Are you one such looking for ways of widening your business on horizons of success? If so then our English to Farsi translation services will help you in targeting the Persian community just as easy as our Farsi to English translation services help local companies expand internationally. We deal with corporate communications, website translation, localization, multilingual SEO, but also provide phone interpretation services. Internationalization comes with a whole suite of benefits, and you will witness a meteoric rise in your sales figure and consequent earning digits.

If you want to communicate effectively with your Farsi clients, UTS is the best option for you. We only provide high quality in every translation that we do, from marketing, legal, medical, technical to software localization.

We know that money are a great concern for you, we also know that people have reservations while spending money on something they know nothing about. Keeping such prospective reservations in mind, we have set extremely reasonable prices. Prices at UTS wouldn’t be burdensome on your budget, that is a guarantee. Ask for a quote and you’ll see, our translations fit any pocket.

Our Farsi translators

If we were to make a list of the best things associated with our company, among the top would be our professional translators. With a multitude of language translation services available, we are always ready to assist you in any kind of translation project that you may have. Our Farsi translators are the most reliable linguists in the industry. Their expertise and grip over local language allow them to translate different sort of documents from Farsi to English without any trouble.

What sets our Farsi translators apart from other service providers is the fact that they have also spend considerable time in different countries, mostly in the US and Europe. Due to which they have a better understanding of both cultures, their dialects, interpretations and terminologies.

We ensure that not only are they experts in languages but can also understand the view point of a given text and translate it into another with keeping all the elements in mind. Next time you have an urgent Farsi translation need get in touch for your free quote.

Farsi translator

Catering to all your Farsi translation needs!

Having a rich cultural background, Farsi, also referred to as Persian, is spoken primarily in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan along with few other regions of the world. It has some more than 110 million native speakers. While the former two have their specific set of alphabets, Tajikistan has its own. Having employed expert workforce, Universal Translation Services is able to handle this somewhat complex language with accuracy and precision while keeping the cultural context intact.

There is a wide array of fields that we deal with on a daily basis. Our linguists are Farsi native speakers who have been trained in their specified fields for your convenience. They are so polished, that finding an error in their work is a rare thing to come by. We have unwavering faith in our translators, owing to the range of work they have produced over time, you will find out once you try their fantastic translation skills, no matter if you need Farsi to English or English to Farsi translation.

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